Quand et Où?HGCV
à 8h30, au café de la palce de la Marie, `a Mouans-Sartoux
David , Ksenya (Viral Academy) et Gabriela
reunión de travail pour la création de l’academie libre
On développe les base de l’academie libre de Mouans-Sartoux
We propose creating a pilot “academy” where we invite a mixed group of people to build a mobile app together that is designed by citizens of Mouans-Sartoux to create and exchange an alternative local currency.
This course is not a course where you sit back and learn. People will get their hands dirty making things and trying things out. We will build something together.(
The course is suitable for a range of skills and age ranges: some people can research, interview people, or take photographs. Others can sketch ideas for interfaces (paper prototyping), or work on a computer with any software they are familiar with to create images in a simple paint programme.
We will teach coding, to some of the makers, but this is not the only activity that people can get involved in. Coders need designers, participative design needs input from the community. At every stage (each week) a practical decision must be made what to make the subsequent week. This is a form of agile methodology we call agile teaching.

Quand et Où?KJSD
15h45, à la Boulangerie à côté de la Médiathèque, `a Mouans-Sartoux
Philipp, Pascal (Evaleco)
David et Gabriela
On explique le projet
David est partant pour co-créer le projet et une foix pret le présenter aux organismo publiques.


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