Social and economic research: Medellin, Colombia


  • Project: Living Lab in the Innovation, Science and Technology District of Medellin
  • Objective: Generate a conceptualization, an organizational structure, a business model and a social intervention and financial projection proposal.
  • Client: Ruta N
  • Role: co-leader of the research (with Head of Company)


In charge of: 

  • coordination of research stages predetermined by the lead researcher, co-creation and development of research tools
  • research and analysis of the different stages, tools and research findings
  • coordination of the structure and information display
  • preparation & management of the agenda of Living Labs visits in Paris and Brussels
  • crafting of Living Lab business model


Research Stages and Tools:

  1. Opportunities and barriers in situ: theoretical immersion in previous studies, 8 sessions of research and co-creation
  2. Referencing of Living Labs: theoretical immersion in previous studies, cyber tracking, referencing cases in Europe
  3. Linkage with the external ecosystem: cyber-ethnography, research and co-creation sessions
  4. Business model creation: theoretical immersion in previous studies, cyber tracking , referencing cases in Europe, research and co-creation sessions, board of innovation




  • Project: Imagined medellin Downtown II, gentrification project.
  • Client: Corpocentro

In charge of research for stage Trend Surfing: worldwide cases corresponding to vocations, opportunities and barriers in the territories, North and Downtown River of Medellin, in the following categories, environment and public space, housing, health, innovation and productivity, trade, social development, education, culture and heritage and tourism.

Working for Inspira Lab.




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